lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Tie Dye Bikinis

¡Hola chicas y chicos! Aquí tenéis una selección de Zaful, diferentes bikinis, una faldita y un vestido precioso ¡Perfectos para verano!
¡Espero que os gusten!

Hello boys and girls! Today I have a selection From Zaful, I show you two Tie Dye Bikinis and an Orange Maxi Dress. Perfect for Summer Time! I love their bikini selection, they have so many to choose from, definitely my favourite category are their skirts and their bikinis. My favourite list is full of cute bikinis and diferent skirts, I wish I had them all.
If you're looking for summer clothing definetly check their page, they have so many cute summer things, and they have new stuff almos daily!
Hope you like them!

One of my favourite things to wear on the beach are one-pieces, so comfy and flattering, and I love this one since it's black and has the off the shoulder detail, just perfect!

I love this bikini, is so tiny that is perfect for sunbathing, and the colors are very flattering and make a beautiful shape.

I wanted also to show you this gorgeous skirt, it's so cute for summer, Don't you think it's perfect?
I love it's color and the quality looks amazing

Now I show you this two tie dye bikinis, their so chic and original, I love this kind of prints for summer, just gives such a cool vibe.

This gorgeous orange dress is so perfect for those hot summer nights where you just want to be comfy, the color looks amazing with a tan and the slit makes it so sexy.

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  1. São lindos, e o vestido também! Beijinhos*

  2. El primero es super chulo!

  3. Los bikinis no son de mi estilo, pero el vestido me encanta! Un besote

  4. Great selections, Dear! So perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing!


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