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Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about Curvy-Faja. Curvy-Faja is a brand that cares deeply about women and their well-being. They understand that many women face societal pressures and expectations when it comes to their bodies, and that this can have a negative impact on their self-esteem and confidence.When you put on Curvy-faja shapewear you are putting on the ability to live your life to the fullest, laugh with friends, and be totally free to express yourself! In their page you can find infinity styles of shapewear that accomodate to your daily needs and wants. Definitely recommend checking their page out.

Now I want to show you some of my favourites starting with faja shorts. These are for me the easiest to wear on a daily basis but still getting that support that you need to be more confortable to wear a tight dress or skirt. I want to show you two models:

This first one is a more full body faja, it gives you that snatched waist and big booty effect that we all love and also some thighs support to make you feel more confortable. I would wear this one with a bodycon dress or a mini dress.

This one is a more easy to wear, this model is thought to be worn for a butt lift and I think it looks great, it gives you a great figure without having to go for a full body faja. Definitely I would wear this one the most.

Another big hit with fajas are the fajas body shaper , we all want that hourglass figure and these will make it so much more easy to get without any urgeries. These ones are more full coverage and will make you feel the best you have ever felt with just wearing them. 

This model in particular will aproach almost all body figures, will defninitely get the most confort while getting snatched. These also come with an anti- cellulite system. I Recommend checking them out.

Last but not least we have this full body faja that goes to the knees. These come very handy for those girlies that feel unconfortable with their legs. Perfect to wear under a long dress while you feel your best!

jueves, 11 de mayo de 2023


 Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about Knowfashionsyle, they are a high-tech professional manufacturer combining R&D, manufacture and  trading, Providing series of products and services including  everything from Babydoll, Chemise, Teddies, Corsets ,  leather  Lingerie, Liquid  Metal   Lingerie, Gown Dress , Sexy  Costumes, Valentine  Lingerie, Halloween  Costumes,Christmas Costumes,  Club wear,  etc. Also they are high quality lingerie  supplier with Alibaba. The annual output is over 1800000 pieces.

  At Know Fashion Style online shopping, they pride theirselves on not only having the largest and most desirable catalog of products, but also Fine Quality Lingerie at the lowest prices Around and best customer service of any online lingerie boutique.Even though their prices lower than those of competitors.

You can check their page here

They have a lot to choos from but I want to show you some of my favourite fashion pieces since those are my favourites. First I wanted to show you some dresses they have in their page, you can find from casual everyday dresses to fashion night out dresses, there are so many to choose from!

These three drsses show three diferent type of looks. You can find them with this numbers on the page Item NO.: K77693-1 ,  Item NO.: K77646-2 , Item NO.: K77632-1 . The first one is a more fashion foward look, so chic and different nothing that you can find anywhere else. I love it. The second one is the stripped pink dress so easy to wear and is very comfortable and chic. Last but not least the going out dress, difinitely a stand out dress! Very sexy and flattering.

One of my favourite cattegories are two piece sets, I love this kind of looks becaus they lok amazing together but also you can use each piece to create a whole new look matching them with another piece. 

These three sets are amazing you can find them in their page with this Item NO.: K77681-1 , Item NO.: K77663-2 , Item NO.: K77495-1. The first one is so holiday chic, the perfect look for a vacation dinner or a night out on summer, love the colors since they are very flattering and loook amazing with a summer tan. Then we have this more casual two piece green set, very cool and casual, perfect for the everyday look and streetwear, I would wear it with some sneakers and so chic. And last but not least this amazing white set, this is definitely my favourite one, so chic and original, that skirt would be amazing for summer and you can give it so much use, the skirt and top are so weareable alone and together.

astly I want to show you some swinwear since summer is almost here. You can find these three pieces in their page with this Item NO.: K77660-1 , Item NO.: K77629-1 , Item NO.: K77305-1. As you can see I love colorful swimwear , I think the summer is the happpiest season and I love wearing color. This first set is so cute, the bikini is very small and amazing print but it also comes with a cover up skirt which comes very handy if you want to go grab a drink on the beach or for a pool day to gain some coverage. This second bikini has the most amazing print and the cover up looks cool, I had never seen a cover up like that before, is so sexy and amazing definitely will be buying one this summer! And last but not least this gorgeous yellow printed one piece, I love one pieces for going to the pool or an aquatic park, still very sexy but more covered and flattering.

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Hello boys and girls Today I want to talk to you about Waistdear. Waistdear is a wholesale brand of Hexin Holding Limited, which has been China leading shapewear factory and manufacturer since 2011. Their business covers more than 150 countries and territories around the world. They have 10 years of market experience and a highly experienced staff. Fully integrated company with its own beaming,knitting, dying and finishing operations and full garment in-house manufacturing.Support Customized Brand Logo, Packaging, Private Label, Oem And Odm, Dropship One Stop Service.

Waistdear mainly focuses on shapewear & Yoga wear. Has a warehouse of 12000m²to to offer continuous stock. I will be showing you their shapewear, waist trainers and sport wear.

First of all we have the  shapewear dropshipping , I chose to show you this brown piece because it is very comfy and flattering, definitely my favourite kink of shapewear for tight dresses, they have many different models to choose from but this one is grear because it sucks in your belly and thighs giving you the most amazing hour glass shape. Also the color brown is very nude so it looks very good underneath the dresses.

Now we have wholesale waist trainers, these are difinitely my favourites I usually spend hours wearing one of these and they make such a difference! It is very tight but within a fwe hours you get use to it and once you start seeing results you will be in love with them! I prefer black ones since they are more washable and you can wear them underneath a black track suit.

Last but not lesat we have sport suit women here you can find infinity of cool and comfortable sets to do exercise in, specially yoga. They have every color and shape so I highly recommend you checking the page and look for what you prefer, my favourite sets are like this one in this minty color with long sleeve and long pants, but still very flattering and comfortable for a great workout! And this set have thumb holes which is always a plus in my eyes

jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2022

RIHOAS review

 Hi boys and girls! Today I want to review with you some pieces from RIHOAS. As you know I am a big fan of their clothes and made a order so I could review it for you. 

First we have this gorgeous fake fur jacket, it is so warm and cozy. I got so many complimentson it! The quality is amazing, it doesn't shed at all. I actually needed a black jacket and this one just became my new favourite it is so cute!

Now here are this belted white pants, very chic and comfortable. It is qite strechy so it make it very form fitting and flattering. I love white pants because the match with everything, and I wear them in winter too because I love them so much!

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