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ApparelCandy always has in stock the finest quality of wholesale clothing categories available in the off price clothing market. They carry large quantities of leftovers and overstock clothing goods from a large number of importers and manufacturers all over the world which allows to offer wholesale apparel at below wholesale prices.

If you are looking for a specific item you've seen before on our site, such as a brand, size, or even a specific category of wholesale clothing or wholesale jeans, a search can be conducted by entering your full or partial specifications in the search box in the top right corner of the website.

All of their clothing closeouts and wholesale departments include all sizes available for women and juniors, but these sizes can vary from one manufacturer to another depending on their standards. 
Their Special Packages/Sale Items can be found in our "Super Sweet Sale" section of These Specials Deals can't be found anywhere else at such low prices.

Today I will be talking to you about two of their categories Wholesale Perfumes and wholesale reading glasses

In their wholesale perfume selection you will find a large variery of perfumes inspired by some others that are more famous, but at a lower price. You will definitaly find your favourite perfume in here.

This one, Flowers Forever by Preferred Fragrance inspired by BOMBSHELLS IN BLOOM BY VICTORIA'S ySECRET FOR WOMEN

These cute fragrance Sugar Lips by Preferred Fragrance is inspired by SWEET LIKE CANDY BY ARIANA GRANDE FOR WOMEN so you know it will smell amazing and at such a lower price.

About their wholesale reading glasses there are so many to choose from! Here I leave you two simple ones that I liked, very classy and chic, and they are so affordable.

These ones you can find here, they have a cheetah-like print and squared form that make them a perfect classic piece.

These ones are more modern and have a younger print in black. You can find them here

Now I will be showing you three dresses that I just fell in love with, they are so perfect, and all of them are nude, so they look amazing on everyone and are very chic and sexy

This dress is such a basic piece and a must, love the shape, sexy assymetric and plain, with a low neck and gorgeous color. Very flattering. You can find it here.

This is such a sexy two piece dress, the lace-up details and short asymetric skirt make it so sexy and chic, the color is almost an off white, so it will be very flattering, I personally love this colors for fall and winter. You can find it here.

Last but not least this gorgeous almost like a ballerina two piece dress, it's so classy but sexy, the color makes it so femenine and delicate while hugging your body perfectly, I think this dress is just gorgeous, but not for everyone, just for the most daring ones, I would personally love it. You can find it here.

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