domingo, 10 de junio de 2018


Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about Everydaywigs, and online wig store that I just found out about, and definitely wanted to share with you. Ever since early 2010, Everydaywigs has been dedicated to providing happy online shopping experience to our customers. They believe, the KEY to that success is to offer quality products, affordable prices, quick delivery and top-tier customer service, all via their hard-working staff.
I personally think hair is key when it comes to confidence and self steem, and a wig is a awesome way to always have that hair you always wanted but you can't naturally grow or just to play around with, today I will be showing you some options, ombre hair, blonde hair and also pinik hair.

First I will be showing you my favourite from ombre wigs, ombre hair is such a huge hair trend and it gives you such a summery and flirty look, I personally love the lenght of this one and how strong the ombre is. i will actually love to have my hair like this.

Next comes pink lace front wigs, for me a wig is the best way to do coloured hair because you don't damage your hair and also it can get boring to always have the same colourful hair and a wig you can easily change it without damagig your natura hair and stilll look alwesome and fun. This dusty pink wig is amazing and so long, such a fun option to have.

Next I show you  human hair wigs for white women, here you can find so many amazing wigs to choose from. I chose this cute wig to show you, I love the daring cut and the bangs are just perfect, such a flirty look and it also looks very natural. And the ombre looks amazing.

Last but not least, blonde lace front wigs, these actually are my favourite since I have my hair this color. I think this is such a great option since I know how damaging blonde hair can be, and how expensive it is to mantain your natural hair this way, I personally love this icy blonde wig, so straight and long, such a high fashion  look.

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  1. Interesting post) Thanks a lot for sharing)

  2. They look very natural, love these wigs!!


  3. Love the ombre hair style. Looks so beautiful!

  4. wow amazing hair looks!

  5. Those wigs look amazing.

  6. Nice propositions, so beauty wigs!

    Kisses from
    Sara's City

  7. Hola, muy buenos días.
    No lo conocía pero me parece muy interesante. Un besazo

  8. Those wigs look so good! Love the pink one!


  9. Loving all of these styles!

  10. great post- it's good to have a chance try wearing wigs and tahnk to this create new yourself xx

  11. A great idea for a small metamorphosis without destroying your hair ☺
    I clicked☺


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