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Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about Talever Fashion , that is an online store that believes in  Quality style, combined with rich and colorful fabrics,creates fashion every woman loves. Forward designs and the integrity of the company allowed Talever to establish their own distinctive brand image the majority of consumers quickly loved and embraced after just a few years in the business!   Talever represents not only a simple pursuit of fashion, but a way of life. Modern life should be lived on every level. Different life experiences lead us to continue to master and adapt to change. Talever embraces this change to empower women and give them the courage to show the world who they are,both inside and out. Despite this wishlist you should check their page, I'm sure you'll find something amazing that you love since they have such great variety of clothes from every different style. From formal to casual, to sexy to young and daring, everything that you can think of you will find here

In the post I show you I few pieces that I have selected, just a few but there are so many cute things to choose from, I'm so impressed by their variety of styles and so many colors and fun things to wear. 

Firts of all here's this gorgeous jumpsuits with sleeves with this gorgeous sand color, so fresh and fun, it's cut it's so sexy and comfy. I find this piece to be very versatile since depending on how you wear it it can be perfect for any situation. I love this color since it flatters any skin tone and can be worn with litterally anything, from sneakers to a high heel. The wide leg makes you look taller and the low neckline gives that sexy touch without being too sexy and keeping it classsy with the short sleeves

Another great option are short white casual dresses, such a sexy and comf look. I love this one's back, so daring, femenine and cute! This back is so chic and perfect for summer, the dress has a simplicity to it and the back gives that special touch that makes a piece special and unique. Very romantic and sexy.

Following the last look we have this casual white maxi dress, this is my favourite piece, so gorgeous chic and sexy. I love the lace sheering detail, it is such an statment dress and a gorgeous option for a night party. But this dress is not for everyone I know, it's so different that you will not go unnoticed, you will become the center of attention wherever you are

And in contrast to that party look here's a casual wear for ladies with this cute denim dress, it's shape is so femenine and sexy, it is very different and fun and also being denim you can wear it a million different ways! I love this kind of dresses because they really hugh the waist and flatter the figure so much, I would personally wear it with over the knee boots.

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  1. wow el ultimo es lo mas

    Feliz martes

  2. Sounds amazing Eleine! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    With love and light ☀

    Patricia & Miguel


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