lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2018


Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about Popreal, an online clothing store that I just found out about where you can find the cutest newborn baby girl clothes  and some really adorable stuff.

It is a dream of mine to have a baby girl so I can dress her up and have my very own princess, in their page you'll find the cutest matching  couple outfits , so you  can go and match you little girl and even your man too! So fun to have a photoshoot in these outfits!

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  1. love these photos!! :)

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    SCANNER METHOD: How to Fix The "I have nothing to wear" problem in 2 STEPS

    XX Eva

  2. Qué monada! Ir conjuntada con tu peque es lo más!

  3. мне нравятся такие комплекты для мамы и дочки ))

  4. Siempre había visto estas cosan en tumblr pero no tenía ni idea de tiendas o páginas. La verdad es que se me cae la baba JAJAJA.
    Un besito.


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