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Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about a new online store that I just found out about ChicagoStyle. Chicgostyle offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. Theirr team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time examine every detail of product quality. They work with emerging designers and brands worldwide, and together present collections of creative, trendy, high craftsmanship fashion on Chicgostyle.com.

In their page you can find the cutest cheap tops, below I have a selection for you guys of my faves. They have the best selection of tops, from cozy casual ones to the most chic and fashionable tops, I selected these three. Fist this cute asymetric top that has the most gorgeous shape and color, it is so femenine and chic that you will definitely be a star with it on.

Second we have this comfy and warm pink top so cute and awesome for the colder days, and look so chic while keeping warm!

And last but not least this cute and warm fur cozy jacket, I find this kind of jackets to be so cool and make any outfit pop out 

I also love their cheap blazers as you can see they have great variety. So many chic options to choose from I particulary liked this three very different blazers.

First we have this black blazer, with such an elegant cut and style, very original and charming and great for a more polished look.

Second we have a pop of coulour from this basic red blazer that will make your outfits stand out from the crowd

And last but not least, this animal print blazer very on trend, so this could be a great option for a night or a dinner date. I love it so much.

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