lunes, 27 de abril de 2020


Hi boys ans girls! Today I want to talk to you about Cosmolle seamless shapewear, as you may know, unless you have been under a rock, shapewear has been a women's best secret for years but lately has been more and more accepted and talked about on social media. Shapewear is the best ally for those tight dresses that you can't move without feeling like all your body is showing when you are looking for a more flat and fitted look. In Cosmolle  you can find high quality shapewear in so many different styles and sizes. My personal favourites are the body shaper for women, specially the bodysuit, you can wear whatever you want without any preasure of anyone noticing it and you will feel the most comfortable and confident ever! Bellow I show you my two faves from this section, don't the models look amazing?

This one is my all time favourite so perfect for a night out when you don't want to look bloated and want to rock those tight dresses but want to also feel free and have your legs for show

Another of my favourites are the shapewear shorts, so easy to wear and you can pair them with anything, I have a tendency to blow a lot when I go to dinner so these are a life saver and also if you want to hide some extra fat in your thighs these would look amazing under a skirt or dress, or also with some jeans since they also sculpt the body I personally love the but lifters like this one bellow, it helps a lot with enhancing our natural curves and beaty!

These are perfect for those girls who are not confident enough with their thighs, it is the best way to keep them in place and don't let anything stop you for feeling great about yourselg and having an amazing time!

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  1. That Cosmolle seamless shapewear looks very comfortable, attractive, and excellent for helping create attractive silhouettes!

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