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Hi boys and girls! WHOLESALE21.COM is committed to providing daily updated higher quality fashionable clothing with competitive price to customers all over the world. As a famous professional manufacturer and supplier of wholesale fashion women clothing, they have a huge variety of clothing for you to choose from at very competitive price. 

In their page you have an amazing selection Wholesale21 clothes, if you want to scroll through their page I'm sure you'll find your dream piece to create your dream wardrobe. Bellow I'll show you some pieces so you can get inspired of what you can find. 

This first piece is this gorgeous green cárdigan, it is very long and very cute, I find it an amazing piece to wear on the daily basis and also to elevate a basic look to another level of chic! This green color is very trendy right now.

This second is is a biker jacket, very inspired by Rosalia's "Motomami" look, I love all the details and patches. It is very cute for a casual look or even a night out look! Also the red color is flattering for every skin color and hair color so it is the most amazing piece to have in your wardrobe. 

The third look is this gorgeous two piece in army green, love the knitting details and it looks amazing and very cozy and warm. This army green color is great for the autumn/ winter and looks amazing specially on blonde hair! 

The other category is the plus size two piece outfits that you can find in their shop. These sets are amazing for plus size people and they have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. So cute! I will definitely check them out for christmas gifts ideas.

This first one is a pink tracksuit, they have them in so many different colors, but this ones really stood out for me. These sets are the perfect piece for an every day look and are so comfy yet still very cute and chic.

Next we have this gorgeous silky set in emerald green perfect for the holidays, so cute and sexy and the color is very flattering. These kind of sets are very trendy and are very timeless.

Last but not least this velvet set with a zipper jacket, such a cool color and piece, definitely my favourite of the selection would definitely buy these in every color possible!

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  1. I love the pretty colours, the weaves and textures, and the looks of the fabrics of these outfit fashion pieces from Wholesale21. All of them look very attractive and extremely comfortable to wear!

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