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Hello boys and girls Today I want to talk to you about Waistdear. Waistdear is a wholesale brand of Hexin Holding Limited, which has been China leading shapewear factory and manufacturer since 2011. Their business covers more than 150 countries and territories around the world. They have 10 years of market experience and a highly experienced staff. Fully integrated company with its own beaming,knitting, dying and finishing operations and full garment in-house manufacturing.Support Customized Brand Logo, Packaging, Private Label, Oem And Odm, Dropship One Stop Service.

Waistdear mainly focuses on shapewear & Yoga wear. Has a warehouse of 12000m²to to offer continuous stock. I will be showing you their shapewear, waist trainers and sport wear.

First of all we have the  shapewear dropshipping , I chose to show you this brown piece because it is very comfy and flattering, definitely my favourite kink of shapewear for tight dresses, they have many different models to choose from but this one is grear because it sucks in your belly and thighs giving you the most amazing hour glass shape. Also the color brown is very nude so it looks very good underneath the dresses.

Now we have wholesale waist trainers, these are difinitely my favourites I usually spend hours wearing one of these and they make such a difference! It is very tight but within a fwe hours you get use to it and once you start seeing results you will be in love with them! I prefer black ones since they are more washable and you can wear them underneath a black track suit.

Last but not lesat we have sport suit women here you can find infinity of cool and comfortable sets to do exercise in, specially yoga. They have every color and shape so I highly recommend you checking the page and look for what you prefer, my favourite sets are like this one in this minty color with long sleeve and long pants, but still very flattering and comfortable for a great workout! And this set have thumb holes which is always a plus in my eyes

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  1. These shapewear fashions from WAISTDEAR Wholesale look attractive and effective at improving the appearance of one's figure! I could certainly use some enhancement of my own figure if I am to take any new photos and videos of myself for my fashin modelling and review blog posts! WAISTDEAR Wholesale' looks like an excellent source of figure enhancing shapewear.

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  2. The waist trainer looks very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

    Cintya -

  3. fantastic sharing great option :)

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