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Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about Curvy-Faja. Curvy-Faja is a brand that cares deeply about women and their well-being. They understand that many women face societal pressures and expectations when it comes to their bodies, and that this can have a negative impact on their self-esteem and confidence.When you put on Curvy-faja shapewear you are putting on the ability to live your life to the fullest, laugh with friends, and be totally free to express yourself! In their page you can find infinity styles of shapewear that accomodate to your daily needs and wants. Definitely recommend checking their page out.

Now I want to show you some of my favourites starting with faja shorts. These are for me the easiest to wear on a daily basis but still getting that support that you need to be more confortable to wear a tight dress or skirt. I want to show you two models:

This first one is a more full body faja, it gives you that snatched waist and big booty effect that we all love and also some thighs support to make you feel more confortable. I would wear this one with a bodycon dress or a mini dress.

This one is a more easy to wear, this model is thought to be worn for a butt lift and I think it looks great, it gives you a great figure without having to go for a full body faja. Definitely I would wear this one the most.

Another big hit with fajas are the fajas body shaper , we all want that hourglass figure and these will make it so much more easy to get without any urgeries. These ones are more full coverage and will make you feel the best you have ever felt with just wearing them. 

This model in particular will aproach almost all body figures, will defninitely get the most confort while getting snatched. These also come with an anti- cellulite system. I Recommend checking them out.

Last but not least we have this full body faja that goes to the knees. These come very handy for those girlies that feel unconfortable with their legs. Perfect to wear under a long dress while you feel your best!

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