miércoles, 17 de julio de 2019


Hi boys and girls! Today I want to show you this great new discovery I made: https://www.africanmall.com/ an clothing online store that sells the cutest stuff at great prices, below you will have a selection of my favourite pieces from them! 

AfricanMall is a leading multichannel fashion retailer of 
women’s apparel, accessories, and human virgin hair. 
We have a relaxed approach to style. Never complicated, 
always easy.The perfect balance of comfort and fashion, 
designed for real life. 

First, my favourite trend of all times, the infamous crop top, I love this sexy kind of tops, they are so easy to wear and match with skirts, shorts and jeans, just obssesed! Fisrt I have this cute cut out top since the neon trend is popping right now I think it would be perfect to show you this piece, and below there is this super original nude mesh top with a dragon embroidery, such an unique look!

Next we have the perfect option for a night out, the sexy mini dress. In the nightime I love to be more playful and sexy with what I wear and usually go for a mini dress, it's just more comfortable, flattering and sexy! First we have this camo mini bodycon dress, such a cool piece that you can wear in both the day and night time, depending on how you style it. Next this yellow number is just so bold and daring, definitely going to stand out.

Next there is a more daring trend; bodycon jumpsuits I personally don't know if I dare to wear them but I find them so cool and flattering for someone with a curvy body! This one I show you has such an unique look and sexy option!

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