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Hi boys and girls! Today I want to show you a new page I just discovered https://www.beautyforever.com/, an online hair store  that sells hair extensions and all kind of wigs. In this post I will be sharing with you many different types of wigs that they offer, I personally wear hair extensions on my head, but I think wigs are a much more comfortable and efficient way and also gives you the opportunity to play with different looks without damaging your real hair.

Beautyforever was born in 1999 in the Xuchang, Henan, China with 15 years experience. They developed from a small local textile processing enterprises and gradually into a global human hair enterprises. They specialized in professional set design, production, sales, service over the world. They built their website in 2016 and became professional virgin hair supplier and best seller.

First of all we have the brazilian lace front wigs, this ones are my favourites I love brazilian hair, as you can see I'm showing you a dark haired wig with very long locks and very thick, these are my favourite because the color is very eeasy to match and also are very maneable and you can style them in any way you want.

Next I want to show you the natural hair wigs, of course these are the most passable ones and the quality is still amazing, for these category I decided to pick this red ombré wig, with a bob cut, such a bold look and fun to change it up a little, I love these kind of wigs since you can experiment without any damage to your actual hair.

Last but not least are the hd lace closure these are also a very good option, in this case I chose these straight hair bundles, I used to use these on my blond hair but when it grew I decided to install tape-ins, this straight hair exxtensions are so silky and sexy and you can cut them in any shape or form you want.

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