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Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk about this store that I just found out about, Wholesale7concentrates on efforts to create a professional, fashionable and diverse clothing wholesale site, provide an affordable, reliable and excellent vendor for small retailers and boutiques to start their business. In their page you can find variety of clothes and bikinis at great prices. I am sure you can create your dream wardrobe from their page. Bellow I'll show you some of my favourite selections from their store.

First of all I want to show you some women's bikini sets, since summer is just around the corner I think it is save to say that we all started looking for the perfect bikini for a summer vacation, I know at least I have! This bikini sets that I show you are just perfect because they cover up a little more but remain sexy as a usual bikini. In the summer I think it is important to play around with different colors and prints specially when going to the beach.
These three bikinis that I choose are an perfect example of a bold bikini set for summer, this first one with the giraffe print is just gorgeous, I love the sleeve and skirt detail, very flattering and chic. Next we have this baby blue tie dye with the over dress cover up, so gorgeous and chic, perfect for a pool party or having some drinks by the beach. For last I chose this colorful set in green and blue, reminds me of the J-Lo dress from Versace, so chic and very flattering colors!

Now I would love to show you some of their cheap clothes online, in this selections you can find everything from cool pieces to accesories, I have selected threee of my favourites so you can have an idea of what you might find but I highly recommend you checking their store for a more in depth look of what you will find. As you can see I started with a orange dress, a nice pop of color with a simple silouette, very flattering and chic, deffinitely a must have! Nesxt we have this coool looking bag, such an statement piece, an all black look will look so good with this gorgeous bag since it will make it pop a lot more. Last but not least we have this gorgeous chain top, so sexy and comfy! I love this little tops with a special detail it makes it so much more special without loosing the elegance and comfyness.

Last but not least I want to talk to you about two promotions that they are actually having and think you can take great advanteage off:

1. Meet $299 and get $10 off.

2. Swimwear buy 3 get 1 free.

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  1. The fashion outfit pieces, swimwear, beachwear and the shoulder bag in the images above all look attractive and fashionable, as do the fashions available at the fab Wholesale7 shopping links you provided.
    I am sure these fashions would look even more attractive being modelled by you!
    Very pretty!

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