jueves, 30 de junio de 2022

What has been happening

¡Hola chicos y chicas! Hoy os escribo despues de muchísimo tiempo porque quiero explicaros un poco mi ausencia por el blog. La pandemia le ha afectado mucho psicologicamente, mi vida tomó un giro de 360, perdí mi trabajo y con eso un poco el rumbo. Sin duda llevo los últimos dos años sintiendome inútil y desmotivada, aunque haya seguido por Instagram me da pena haber abandonado el blog ya que pasé ayer creando este proyecto y me encantaría volver a publicar a menudo. Lo intentaré ❤️
Os dejo algunas fotos para poneros al día.

Hi boys and girls! Today I write after a long oong time because I want to open up a bit about my abstence. The pandemic has affected me a lot mentaly, my life took on a 360° turn, I lost my job, have been struggling on finding a new one and I've been feeling useless and with no motivation at all. I've been active on instagram but I feel so sad that I never post here since I took so many years to create this proyect and I feel like I've lost it. I will try to post more often here. I'll try my best❤️Here are some pics for us to catch up

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  1. Welcome back! It is always a treat to read your blog posts and to look at all of the beautiful attractive and fashionable outfits you style and are photographed wearing!
    I love all five of the attractive outfits you styled and modelled in the photos above.
    I am especially loving the tiered empire-waisted pink gingham mini-dress you were wearing in the first photo and the ruched black bodycon minidress you were modeling in the third photo.
    All of these outfits look pretty, and you look gorgeous showcasing all five of them.
    Best wishes for finding a new, rewarding job and for much good health, success and happiness in the years ahead!

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  2. Mucho ánimo. Yo también estoy intentando volver con el blog
    Un beso


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